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Frequently Asked Questions

How many parks are there in New York City?

New York City has more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities across the five boroughs. Parks properties range from swimming pools to wetlands and from woodlands to skating rinks.

Do parks require permits to use a field or court?

It depends on the date and the park. You can visit the Field and Court Permit Requests page to make an online request for a permit.

Do I need a permit to play tennis?

Yes. You can find out more information on tennis permits here

What are the rules for using a city pool?

For everybody's health, safety, and protection, please review the following list of pool rules

Can I volunteer to help preserve our parks?

Yes! You can view volunteer opportunities here

Can I bring alcohol into the parks?

No, alcohol is prohibited in all parks.

I want to have a party in a park. Do I need a permit?

Yes, if more than 20 people are expected to attend, you will need a special events permit. Please visit the Special Events Permits and Applications page for more information.

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A Hidden Waterfall in Midtown

Stop by this 'hidden' park, claim a picnic table and relax beneath a waterfall in the middle of midtown Manhattan.


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